Group Leader

John Eriksson Professor, Department of Biosciences
Åbo Akademi University
joheri [at]

Contact Information

Turku Bioscience P.O. Box 123, BioCity
(Street addr. Tykistökatu 6 B)
FIN-20521 Turku, Finland
+358-2-215-3313 (John Eriksson)
+358-2-333-8603 (Departmental Office)
+358-2-215-4061 (Main PhD Student Office)
+358-2-333-8000 (Fax Attn. John Eriksson)

Description of the Research

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) modulate the activity of most eukaryotic proteins and are responsible for producing highly complex proteomes from relatively simple genomes. We use a selection of signaling networks that represent the core of our expertise to identify PTM targets and interactions when a cell is embarking upon fate-determining responses, such as activating defense and survival mechanisms or triggering death machineries.  Our main models are apoptotic, stress-mediated, and cytoskeletal signaling and we are also interested in their interrelationship. By exploring the interactions between these completely different signaling modalities, we hope to advance our understanding how critical intracellular signals are processed and integrated.

Group Members

From left to right, first line from bottom: Alia Joko, Preethy Paul, Leila Rato, Elnaz Fazeli, Arun Poonthuruthikudy, Mayank Modi, John Eriksson. Second line: Michael Silva, Oona (Alumni), Toveann Ahlnäs, grass and flowers, Ponnuswamy Mohanasundaram, Emilia Holm. Top right to left: Peiru Yang, Sepideh Parvanian, Rebecka (Alumni), Senthil Kumar Rajendran.


The group receive funding from Academy of Finland, Tekes, European Union, Sigrid Juselius Foundation, Åbo Akademi University Foundation, Finnish Cancer Foundations