Frontiers of Science: Dr. Sinem K. Saka

    November 7th at 12:00
    Onsite event
    in Presidentti auditorium, BioCity

    Dr. Sinem K. Saka, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
    A DNA toolbox for spatial biology from imaging to sequencing
    Host: Jenny Pessa (

    Coffee and sandwich at 11:45, first come first served!


    Six PhD researchers and early-career postdocs are welcome to have a lunch and discuss with Dr. Saka after the seminar. This is a great possibility to learn hosting skills in a friendly environment and create connections for future. Everyone is welcome to join, BioCity Turku will offer the lunch.

    If you got interested, please send an email to


    The Saka group aims to understand the spatial features and organisational principles of biological structures ranging from nanoscale complexes to subcellular compartments, cells, and tissues. To enable comprehensive investigation, the group develops molecular tools and methods for conventional and super-resolution imaging, and emploies multimodal approaches. Previously, the group has combined metabolic labelling, bioorthogonal click chemistry, cell fusion assays, and super-resolution microscopy to understand the universal principles of protein organisation in cellular membranes. The group has also developed a correlative optical and isotopic super-resolution imaging modality (COIN) which makes it possible to study the turnover of proteins in subcellular compartments of neurons. Recently, the Saka group has harnessed the barcoding capacity and programmability of DNA to generate powerful tools for single-molecule imaging and multiplexed detection of proteins and nucleic acids in cells and tissues. These tools are expanded and applied to visualise the spatial organisation and heterogeneity of subcellular structures and organelles.


    Selected publications

    Alexandrov T, Saez-Rodriguez J, Saka SK. 2023. Enablers and challenges of spatial omics, a melting pot of technologies. Mol Syst Biol, 19(11):e10571

    Kishi JY, Liu N, West ER, Sheng K, Jordanides JJ, Serrata M, Cepko CL, Saka SK, Yin P. 2022. Light-Seq: light-directed in situ barcoding of biomolecules in fixed cells and tissues for spatially indexed sequencing. Nat Methods, 19(11):1393-1402

    Hickey JW, Neumann EK, Radtke AJ, Camarillo JM, Beuschel RT, Albanese A, McDonough E, Hatler J, Wiblin AE, Fisher J, Croteau J, Small EC, Sood A, Caprioli RM, Angelo RM, Nolan GP, Chung K, Hewitt SM, Germain RN, […] Saka SK. 2021. Spatial mapping of protein composition and tissue organization: a primer for multiplexed antibody-based imaging. Nat Methods 19(3):284-295

    Liu N, Dai M, Saka SK, Yin P. 2019. Super-resolution labelling with Action-PAINT. Nat Chem, 11(11):1001-1008


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