BD LSR II analyzer

    The BD LSR II is equipped with three lasers (405, 488 and 635 nm) and can handle advanced multi-color applications. Up to eight different fluorescent probes can be measured simultaneously. In addition, the advanced flow system allows high speed sample runs. This instrument is used for many applications including FRET measurements.

    Default optical configuration

    Reservation System: BD LSRIIFlow Cytometry Analyzer

    Location: BioCity, 5th floor, room 5126
    • 405nm
    • 488nm
    • 633nm
    Cell size, granularity
    • 2 for 405nm
    • 5 for 488nm
    • 2 for 633nm
    The BD™ High Throughput sampler (HTS plate loader) provides fully automated and rapid sampleaspiration. It supports standard 96-well U-, V-, and flat–bottom plates. The standard throughput mode allows for acquisition oflarger sample volumes. All sampler functions are operated through BD FACSDiVa software,allowing the user to create customized delivery protocols with user-defined mixing, wash, andanalysis parameters. Single tube acquisition is also possible.
    • FACSDiVa Software version 6.1.3