About the Core

    We support high level research by developing, implementing and providing open access services and expertise support for the latest state-of-the art technologies and applications available for genome research. Our core facility services are open to all users and cover a full range of options depending on the needs of the service users.

    We belong to the Biocenter Finland Genome-Wide Methods network. The infrastructure and research services provided by our core facility are supported by Biocenter Finland, Academy of Finland, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

    Our services are utilised each year in average by 73 user groups and 190 projects. In 2019, 54 % of our service users were academic users from Turku and 17 % from other cities in Finland. Other user groups included health care units (11 %), government research institutes (11%), foreign universities (5 %) and companies (3 %). The number of samples we process each year has steadily increased. In 2019 a total of 6879 samples were analysed with next-generation sequencing based applications and 949 96- or 384-plates were analysed with quantitative real-time PCR or OpenArray. Other services, such as QC analysis were ordered for a total of 1668 samples.