Service Workflow

    1. Next-Generation Sequencing Project Request

    • To request for a new next-generation sequencing project, please send an email to or fill in the next-generation sequencing form.
    • Request information for your next-generation sequencing project:
      our experienced staff will answer to all your questions related to the experiments and sample preparation and provides the cost and schedule estimates for your project. This will ensure the optimal use of resources and quality of your results. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for planning your experiments well in advance. The consultation is free of charge. We can organize a project initiation meeting either in person as well as by phone or zoom/teams.
    • To start the project, please fill in the sample submission form

    2. Quantitative Real-Time PCR and OpenArray Projects

    3. Use of the Open Access Instruments

    If you are interested in training and independent use of the instruments contact After the training the open access instruments can be reserved through our online reservation system.

    4. Submit Your Publication

    Please acknowledge the services of FFGC core used in support your research publication, using for example the phrase: “[Type of service] was performed in Finnish Functional Genomics Centre Facility supported by University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and Biocenter Finland.”

    Please also submit your publication by filling this form or send a link to your publication by email: informing us about your publication where our services have been used you help ensuring that we will be able to provide high quality services with competitive prices also in the future. Thank you for submitting your publication!