Data Analysis and Storage

    Image Analysis – Software

    Our facility has 3 workstations for image analysis, while offsite multi-core usage can be arranged.

    • Software installed for users:
      • ImageJ
      • Fiji
      • BioimageXD
      • Cell Profiler
      • Attovision 1.7
    • Facility staff organizes the analysis of image data by assay-specific customized scripts running on ImageJ and Fiji.
    • Analysis scripts are in continuous development to accept new assay formats and perform deeper analyses. In-house developed scripts facilitate the running of complex automated imaging assays, and the running and validation of complex dispensing protocols
    • The AMIDA software is specifically used for automated analysis of phenotypic parameters obtained in screens using organotypic 3D cell cultures.

    Image Data Storage – Hardware

    High-throughput image data is initially stored on local servers, after which the data is transferred to university servers for analysis and end-user access.