About the core

    Recent methodological advances have enabled highly multiplexed measurements of various modalities at single-cell level. Such analyses can provide important insights on the composition of complex tissues, reveal developmental trajectories, and even lead to the discovery of entirely new cell types. We support high-level research by providing access to methods that allow such unbiased characterisation of cellular identities and phenotypes from diverse types of samples.

    As a part of the national Biocenter Finland single-cell omics technology platform service, our mission is to provide a one-stop solution for single-cell analyses. This is achieved by seamless integration with the services provided by other core facilities, including the Cell Imaging and Cytometry Core, the Finnish Functional Genomics Centre and the Medical Bioinformatics Centre, bringing together all the expertise and infrastructure that is needed for carrying out cutting edge research projects. At the moment our services consist of high throughput single-cell transcriptomics (RNA-sequencing) and single-cell protein profiling (mass cytometry). In addition, we provide scientific consultation and engage in research collaborations focused on development and implementation of new methods and technologies.