Service workflow

    Single cell mRNA sequencing projects

    For the single cell mRNA sequencing projects, please follow the procedure below.

    1. Project request

    To request for a new project, please send an email to sc-genomics @

    2. Use of the open access instruments

    Contact us if you are interested in training and independent use of the instruments, at sc-genomics @ . After the training the open access instruments can be reserved through our online reservation system.

    3. Customer feedback

    At the end of the project, please share with us your feedback, by filling the feedback form.

    4. Submit your publication

    Please submit your publication by filling this form.

    The publication pages list all peer reviewed publications with contributions of our Centre.  By informing us about your publication where our services have been used you help ensuring that we will be able to provide high quality services with competitive prices also in the future. Thank you for submitting your publication!

    Please, kindly remember to acknowledge the use of our research infrastructure services in publications: “This study was supported by Single Cell omics unit, University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and Biocenter Finland”.




    Mass cytometry projects

    For the mass cytometry projects, please follow the procedure below.

    1. Contact us

    To start a project, please contact us at

    2. Training

    To have access to the instruments, a training is necessary. To this end, please be aware of the user policy (PDF to add).

    3.  Access to the instruments

    To use the instruments, please book a session on our reservation tool

    Protocols and user guides are available for mass cytometry (link).

    5. Submit your publication

    Please acknowledge the services of the Cell Imaging Core used in support of your research publications.
    Additionally please notify us of any publication citing or acknowledging the services of the Cell Imaging Core. This information will be evaluated when we apply for funding and is therefore very important for us.

    Please use the submission form to send us your publications.
    Thank you!

    6. Customer feedback

    At the end of your project, please fill in the customer feedback form.