Molecular Mechanisms of Diseases

Group Leader

Ulla Pentikäinen
Academy research fellow / University lecturer
(Institute of Biomedicine, University of Turku)
Email: ulla.pentikainen [at]

Contact Information

Turku Bioscience P.O. Box 123, BioCity
(Street addr. Tykistökatu 6 B)
FIN-20521 Turku, Finland
Phone +358 505012574

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Description of the Research

Why diseases are developed? What goes wrong at molecular level in our body so that we get sick? Our aim is to learn to understand the molecular and structural level the underlying mechanisms behind different human diseases. Currently, we are focused on 1) mitral valve disease caused by the mutations in a cytoskeletal protein Filamin, and 2) cancer types developed due to the inhibition of protein phosphates 2A by different proteins. In addition, we are interested in how mechanical forces are mediated and propagated in cells, crucial for tissue development and having important implications for various diseases such valvular diseases, osteoporosis, and cancer.

In our research, we employ various structural biology methods, such as X-ray crystallography, protein NMR-spectroscopy, SAXS, as well as different theoretical biophysical simulations including MD and SMD simulations.

Group Members

Group members picture

Left to right: Chandan Thapa, Tatu Haataja, Anni Keisanen, Ulla Pentikäinen, Linda Kauppinen.


Academy of Finland, Doctoral Programme in Biological and Environmental Science (University of Jyväskylä), Turku University Foundation