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    Researchers Identify Gene Expression Signature That Predicts Progression of Type 1 Diabetes

    31 May, 2023

    Researchers from Turku Bioscience Centre and InFLAMES Flagship at the University of Turku in Finland, have identified a gene expression signature that can predict the progression of type 1 diabetes.

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    The EURAS project received over 8 million euros funding from the Health Cluster of the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme

    23 May, 2023

    The EURAS consortium received Horizon funding to develop new treatments for rare neurodevelopmental disorders of the Ras pathway.

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    Turku Bioscience funding news May 2023

    18 May, 2023

    We are delighted to share the following funding news with everyone. Warmest congratulations to those who got funded.

    BioCity Turku Collaborative Research Funding Call Results

    All funded projects are listed here:

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    Funding News

    27 Mar, 2023

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    Academy of Finland PROFI7 funding to strengthen immunology research at University of Turku

    16 Jan, 2023

    The Academy of Finland has taken decisions on the latest round of PROFI funding, a funding scheme aimed at bolstering the research profiles of Finnish universities. University of Turku was granted 12.3 million euros in the Profi 7 call. The granted funding supports the following three profiling areas at the University of Turku during the funding term 2023–2028: Capitalising Immunity to Combat Disease (IMMUNOCAP), Evolution through Contact and Communication Networks (Human Diversity) and Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing (SUSMAT). These chosen profiling areas strengthen the strategic research and education profiles defined in the University’s strategy.

    Professor Riitta Lahesmaa is the director of IMMUNOCAP

    • Capitalising Immunity to Combat Disease (IMMUNOCAP) focuses on the immune system from basic mechanisms to innovative solutions in preventing, diagnosing, and treating immune-mediated diseases. IMMUNOCAP connects to the strategic research and education profile of “Health, diagnostics and drug development” and it is also linked to the InFLAMES flagship.

    Read the full article here

    Lue suomenkielinen uutinen

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    Turku Bioscience research reveals novel biomarkers for cancer therapy stratification

    19 Oct, 2022

    Tutkimuksessa kehitettiin uudenlainen tapa tunnistaa sädehoidolle huonosti reagoivat potilaat (Väitös: LL Johannes Routila, 21.10.2022, korva-, nenä- ja kurkkutautioppi)

    LL Johannes Routilan Turun yliopistossa tarkastettavassa väitöskirjassa todettiin kantasolutekijä OCT4:n ilmentymisen olevan yhteydessä pään ja kaulan alueen levyepiteelikarsinoomien sädehoitovasteeseen. Uusien kasvainmerkkiaineiden avulla voitaisiin valikoida pään ja kaulan alueen syöpien tehokas hoito ja välttää hoitoon liittyviä haittavaikutuksia.

    Johannes Routilan väitöstutkimuksessa kerättiin kattava potilasaineisto Turun yliopistollisessa keskussairaalassa vuosina 2005–2010 hoidetuista pään ja kaulan levyepiteelisyöpäpotilaista. Potilasnäytteistä koostuvan edustavan kudosmikrosirun avulla voitiin osoittaa, että pään ja kaulan alueen levyepiteelisyövän ennusteen määrittäminen ei onnistu luotettavasti nykyisten kudosmerkkiaineiden avulla.

    – Kudosmikrosiruaineistojen edustavuutta ei useimmiten varmisteta laisinkaan, joten tutkimuksemme lähestymistapa tarjoaa erityisen onnistuneet lähtökohdat kasvainmerkkiainetutkimukseen, Routila kertoo.

    Kantasolutekijä OCT4 yhteydessä huonoon sädeherkkyyteen

    Sädehoitoa käytetään leikkaushoidon ohessa useamman kuin joka toisen pään ja kaulan alueen syöpäpotilaan hoidossa joko sellaisenaan tai tehostettuna solunsalpaajilla. Huolimatta hoitomuotojen kehittymisestä pään ja kaulan alueen syövät ovat edelleen huonoennusteisia.

    –  Pään ja kaulan alueen syövän sädeherkkyyden ennustaminen on osoittautunut erittäin vaikeaksi tehtäväksi eikä sädehoidolle herkistävien solunsalpaajien tarvetta voida nykyisellään ennustaa, Routila muistuttaa.

    Tutkimuksessa osoitettiin solulinjakokeiden ja potilasaineiston avulla, että kantasolutekijä OCT4:n avulla voidaan tunnistaa sädehoidolle huonosti reagoiva potilasryhmä. Lisäksi tavanomaisessa käytössä olevan sisplatiini-solunsalpaajan osoitettiin kumoavan kantasolumaisuuteen liittyvä heikko sädehoitovaste.

    – OCT4-määrityksen avulla voitaisiin helpottaa valintaa tavanomaisen sädehoidon ja sisplatiinitehostetun sädehoidon välillä, Routila tiivistää.

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    Doctoral Dissertation: MSc Sami Pietilä

    7 Jan, 2022

    Data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry is a feasible method for the human gut microbiota analysis

    Doctoral dissertation: MSc Sami Pietilä, 13 January, 2021, Medical microbiology and immunology

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    Eveliina tells about her TET-traineeship program at Turku Bioscience

    11 Nov, 2021

    On 1-5 November, we had a TET-trainee (workplace practice program for junior high school students) Eveliina Lähdesmäki at Westermarck Lab. During these five days, she got a broad overall introduction of our centre’s activities. Her schedule was packed! We asked Eveliina about the time she spent with us, what she learned and what she liked about this traineeship.

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    Discovery of a Novel CIP2A Variant (NOCIVA) with clinical relevance in predicting TKI resistance in myeloid leukemias

    18 Mar, 2021

    Discovery of a NOCIVA in the Westermarck Research Group by Eleonora Mäkelä

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    Turku Bioscience research groups successful in receiving funding from The Health from Science (TERVA) Academy Programme follow-up call

    18 Sep, 2020

    The Health from Science (TERVA) Academy Programme seeks bold, new research initiatives that can solve health issues related to major public health diseases. The programme highlights the importance of scientific research in solving public health challenges.

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    Parkinson’s Patient Skin Samples Provide Clues to Disease Mechanism and a Possible Clinical Test

    16 Sep, 2020

    A recent study from Finland reports that a protein kinase called LRRK2 is hyperactive in skin samples from Parkinson’s disease patients which leads to a decrease in protein synthesis.

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    University of Turku Signed a Significant Drug Development Licensing Agreement

    20 Aug, 2020

    The University of Turku has entered into a licensing agreement with an international pharma company related to targeting of CIP2A oncoprotein. 

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    Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation Grants €1 million for Westermarck group

    5 Jun, 2020

    Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation has awarded 975 000 € for research led by professor Jukka Westermarck and focused on phosphorylation mechanism under RAS oncoprotein.

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    New insights into regulation of human T-cells

    4 Jun, 2020

    Dissertation: Kartiek Kanduri, M.Sc. 5.6.2020, medical microbiology and immunology

    Kartiek Kanduri discovered several novel factors that regulate T-cell differentiation and function, Understanding the regulation of immune response is central for designing future strategies to combat immune mediated diseases.

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    May's funding news

    28 May, 2020

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    Easy to find Turku Bioscience

    27 Apr, 2020

    Now that BioCity has a brand new look, the guiding star of Turku Bioscience came up on the black wall. Now it is easier to find us, just follow the logo!

    Here are a few pictures of the installation:

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    JNK Protein Triggers Nerve Cells to Withdraw Their Synapses when Stressed

    13 Mar, 2020

    New study from Eleanor Coffey’s lab at Turku Bioscience Centre in Finland identifies that the JNK protein triggers nerve cells to withdraw their synapses when stressed.

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    University of Turku Receives Significant Diabetes Research Funding from United States

    24 Feb, 2020

    World leading diabetes research foundation JDRF from the United States has granted the University of Turku three-year funding for its PAMP project (Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns) with the total sum of over €520,000.

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    Top Experts in Light Microscopy to Meet in Turku in 2021

    27 Jan, 2020

    The 2021 International European Light Microscopy Initiative (ELMI) conference has been decided to be organised in Turku. The conference welcomes research centres providing light microscopy services and equipment, as well as companies in the field from Europe and elsewhere around the world to Turku.

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    Chronic Enteroviral Infection Modifies Broadly Pancreatic Cellular Functions

    10 Sep, 2019

    Enteroviral infections are common viral infections with usually rather few symptoms, and they are also believed to be linked to the onset of type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a disorder in which the pancreatic insulin-producing beta-cells are destroyed, and it is more common in Finland than anywhere else in the world. A new study by the University of Turku and Tampere University supports the link between enteroviral infections and type 1 diabetes.

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    Researchers from Turku Bioscience Centre Identified Novel Oncogenic Function for Receptor Linked with Alzheimer’s Disease

    28 May, 2019

    Common and rare SORLA single nucleotide polymorphisms have been associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. So far, SORLA has been mainly studied in neurons, but the new study focused on the role of SORLA in cancer cells. Led by Academy Professor Johanna Ivaska, the research group observed that SORLA was highly expressed in HER2 positive cancers. Removing SORLA from cancer cells severely impaired the oncogenic fitness of HER2 positive cancers.

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    Inspiring and thoughtful discussion on cancer

    28 Apr, 2019

    Academy Professor Johanna Ivaska was invited to the popular talk-show Flinkkilä & Tastula to discuss cancer research together with the stand-up comedian Anitta Ahonen, who was diagnosed with cancer three years ago.

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    The new name of Turku Bioscience and its 30 year anniversary gets wide publicity

    25 Apr, 2019

    The anniversary of Turku Bioscience and its anniversary was highlighted in all local media yesterday and today.

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    Four new Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher positions to Turku Bioscience

    23 Apr, 2019

    Turku Bioscience proudly presents four new post doctoral fellows

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    Laura Elo Receives the Rising Talent Award of the For Women in Science Programme

    8 Mar, 2019

    Research Director Laura Elo from Turku Centre for Biotechnology receives the international Rising Talent Award of the For Women in Science programme granted by the L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO. The recognition is awarded to 15 most promising women researchers from all over the world. The recognition is awarded on Thursday, 14 March in Paris.

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    Researchers Discovered New Immune Response Regulators

    15 Jan, 2019

    The research groups of Academy Professor Riitta Lahesmaa and Research Director Laura Elo from Turku Centre for Biotechnology have discovered new proteins that regulate T cells in the human immune system. Some of these proteins can provide possible new targets for drug development in treating immune-mediated diseases.

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    Finnish Medical Foundation awarded €150,000 to CBT´s affiliated group leader Sami Ventelä

    22 Nov, 2018

    Finnish Medical Foundation awarded Research Group Founder Grant of €150,000 to Clinical Lecturer at the University of Turku, Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology, MD Sami Ventelä. Ventelä is also a new Affiliated Group Leader at Turku Centre for Biotechnology.

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    Syöpäsolujen hoitovastetta määrittävän jarrumekanismin tutkimukselle Syöpäsäätiön suurapuraha (In Finnish only)

    14 Nov, 2018

    Syöpäsäätiö on myöntänyt 450 000 euron suurapurahan Turun yliopiston kolmevuotiselle tutkimushankkeelle, jonka tavoitteena on selvittää syöpäsolun sisäisiä mekanismeja rintasyövässä ja pahanlaatuisessa aivosyövässä.

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    New Mathematical Model Predicts Respiratory Viral Infection Symptoms Severity

    5 Nov, 2018

    A team from the University of Turku has developed a mathematical model that predicts which patients become symptomatic after viral exposure using gene expression levels in blood prior to exposure.