We support high level research by providing open access services with the latest state-of-the art technologies and applications, which are available for genome research. Our core facility services are open to all users and cover a full range of options depending on your needs.

    We are a testing laboratory No. T351 accredited by FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service (production of sequence raw data for various further analyses from genomic DNA with next-generation sequencing with flexible scope), ISO 17025.

    We belong to the Biocenter Finland Genome-Wide Methods network. The infrastructure and research services provided by our core facility are supported by Biocenter Finland, Academy of Finland, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

    If you already know our services and want to submit your samples for analysis, you can use the  sample submission form to submit samples for sequencing project or qc sample submission form to submit samples for QC analysis by Bioanalyzer, Fragment Analyzer (47 samples) or Fragment Analyzer (94 samples).