Genome Editing Core

    The Genome Editing Core is a facility within Turku Bioscience that specializes in various applications of transgenic technology. The primary focus of the core unit is to provide facilities and training for viral vector-mediated transduction and offer services and training in non-viral gene editing. Our expertise ranges from transient virus-mediated transduction to the generation of stable cell lines and genome editing. The services provided include a wide range of methods including CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, production of inducible expression systems, and shRNA interference using viral vectors.

    As a part of the Biocenter Finland Genome Editing and Viral Gene Transfer infrastructure network, our aim is to provide an accessible platform for genome editing technology and know-how within the Turku/Åbo bioscience community. We offer consultation on vector and project design as well as training on viral vector production and purification.

    Our core is constantly developing the services we provide based on the feedback and needs of the scientific community. Please check out our current services and contact us – we are happy to help you!