New services available

    Crystallizations with microseeding

    Use of crystal seed stocks in high-throughput crystallization screenings to improve the chances of crystal formation. Microseeds can be dispensed either during sitting drop or microbatch-under-oil setups.

    A state-of-the-art single-photon counting X-ray detector and a new goniometer have been installed. The new set-up allows:

    In situ crystal testing
    • In situ data collection
    • In situ crystal characterisation
    • Fast data collection and processing
    • Serial crystallography
    • Fragment screening for drug design
    • Easy and efficient in-house phasing
    • Small-molecule crystallography
    • Powder diffraction
    • New educational and training activities

    AlphaFold2 protein structure predictions

    We provide help and consultancy to run AlphaFold2 and to analyze/interpret the models (please see Modelling services)