The Turku Proteomics Facility provides mass spectrometry -based proteomics analyses by advanced instrumentation for life science and medicine research.

    Our facility is part of the Biocenter Finland Proteomics platform

    For protein production and biophysical protein characterization services, please contact Turku Protein Core (tuprotcore [at]

    Our areas of expertise are:
    Consultation and training
    Access to instruments and software
    Detection of post-translational modifications
    Intact protein analysis
    Protein interaction analysis (XL-MS, AP-MS, BioID)
    Single-cell proteomics (SCoPE2)
    Quantitative shotgun proteomics (DDA, DIA, TMT)
    Targeted proteomics (SRM, PRM, SureQuant)
    DALL-E – photorealistic painting of proteins exchanging high fives