Access to the equipment

    The experiments can be conducted by the user, with open access to the equipment necessary to perform experiments utilizing zebrafish models. If required, the staff is available for training and assistance. Robust and tested protocols for various techniques are available through the core to facilitate the experimentation with zebrafish embryos.

    Expert consultation

    Consulting covers eg. finding and acquiring appropriate fish lines, help in license applications and experimental design. The expertise of the core covers broad range of zebrafish models and techniques, including fish crossing and genetics, embryo culture, transgenesis, targeted mutagenesis, transplantation, intravital imaging and sample preparation.


    Zebrafish Core will facilitate training in the use of zebrafish models. Working with zebrafish embryos is possible after short introduction training, but working with adult zebrafish requires formal personal experimental animal handling license similar to working with other vertebrates such as rodents.

    Upcoming training possibilities will be displayed in the news section.