Bioinformatics thesis award to Tomi Suomi

    Dr. Tomi Suomi was awarded for the best Finnish Bioinformatics PhD thesis in 2020-2021 by the Finnish Society for Bioinformatics. The award was given at this year’s Bioinformatics Day organized on June 2nd at CSC, Life Science Center, in Espoo.

    In his PhD thesis, Dr. Suomi thoroughly evaluated current methods for label-free proteomics data analysis and developed several new computational methods to analyze the data. Quantitative mass spectrometry proteomics is a key technology in many fields, including biomedical research, but because the technology have been rapidly evolving, the tools and methods to analyze the data have lagged behind. The data also contains noise and biases that need to be tackled algorithmically to successfully address biological problems and discover biomarkers. The thesis by Dr. Suomi makes important contributions to the field of proteomics data analysis, with potential to have impact on the way data are processed and analyzed in future studies.