Currently recruiting: one postdoc or graduate level researcher – impact of temporally-encoded intracellular signalling on single cell integration into synaptically active neuronal circuits

    We are currently recruiting a researcher (postdoc or graduate level) to join the project “Temporally-encoded intracellular signalling and its impact on single cell integration into synaptically active neuronal circuits” funded by the Academy of Finland. Please see the following links until the closing date of May 19th 2023

    current open positions
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    Brief synopsis of project: Correct functioning of the nervous system requires formation and maintenance of synaptic connections between neurons. Defects in these connections can contribute to neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. The main aim of the project is to determine how dynamic properties of intracellular signalling networks across neuronal populations influence integration of single neurons into synaptically active circuits. This project makes use of excellent local infrastructure for proteomics, dynamic imaging and actuation, lab automation and screening to determine the causal relationships between changes in the synaptic proteome, signalling networks at the single cell level and integration into interacting cell circuits.