Diabetes Research Foundation grants to Inna Starskaia and Karoliina Hirvonen

    In 2021 the Diabetes Research Foundation distributed a total of 550 000 Euros in grant funds between 20 researchers or research group. We are proud to announce that at Turku Bioscience two members of Lahesmaa Lab received personal working grants.

    Hirvonen Karoliina, M.Sc., the University of Turku, 8 200 Euros

    Predicting type 1 diabetes and studying the mechanisms that cause the disease using quantitative proteomics.

    Starskaia Inna, FM, Turun yliopisto, 10 000 e

    High resolution analysis of immune response in children en route to type 1 diabetes to provide insights into the heterogeneity of the disease.

    Warmest congratulations!