EuroBioImaging Headquarters and Service Centre open in Turku

    Turku becomes a host city to EuroBioImaging network Management Centre which opens in the beginning of November. The network consists of 15 EU member states and 29 service centres that offer researchers top-level bio-imaging services.

    The leader of Turku Bioscience regards this as an amazing opportunity and strength for researchers and businesses and great prestige for Turku city. Researchers will get a chance to stand in the front line of bio-imaging development in Europe, have an opportunity to participate in the decision making e.g when it comes to purchasing new microscopy equipment, and become a part of an extensive network. The local businesses that are working in the field of drug development, diagnostics, and application development will get an opportunity to work with top-level professionals.

    There was a nice article about this in the local newspaper (in Finnish only): Turkuun biokuvantamisen Euroopan johtokeskus – tutkijat pääsevät kiinni kansainvälisiin huipputekniikoihin