Finnish Medical Foundation awarded €150,000 to CBT´s affiliated group leader Sami Ventelä

    Ventelä explores new methods for diagnosing and treating head and neck cancers that form the sixth most common group of cancers globally.

    – By means of the Finnish Medical Foundation grant, we will be able to study the molecular biology of head and neck cancers in more detail and in this way find prophetic biomarkers that can hopefully be used to improve the treatment results of our cancer patients in future. With the grant, we will also be able to carry out research collaboration better nationally, internationally, and locally. Together with the newly reported funding from the Cancer Society of Finland, the grant further strengthens the international-level cluster of cancer expertise of Turku Centre for Biotechnology, says Ventelä.

    In total, the Finnish Medical Foundation awarded grants to 208 researchers this year. A total of 30 grants were awarded to researchers from Turku.

    Yliopiston uutinen aiheesta 16.11.2018 (in Finnish only)