Frontiers of Science: Prof. Aled Clayton

    October 6th at 12:00
    on-site event12.0012
    Presidentti auditorium, BioCity
    Autumn 2022 poster

    Prof. Aled Clayton, Cardiff University, UK
    How do extracellular vesicles work?
    Host: Janne Leivo (

    Coffee and sandwich served at 11:45


    Six students and early-career postdocs are welcome to have a lunch in restaurant Mauno and discuss with Prof. Clayton after the seminar. This is a great possibility to learn hosting skills in friendly environment and create connections for future. Every student are welcome to join, in spite of which research group they belong to. BioCity Turku will offer the lunch.

    If you got interested please send an email to


    Prof. Cardiff is part of the Tissue Microenvironment Group, School of Medicine, Cardiff University which is a collection of diverse and international researchers with a multidisciplinary approach to science. His specialist interest involves studies of cell-derived vesicles which is now a rapidly growing and exciting area of biology. The group has published well over 70 papers, most in relation to vesicles, and their roles in subverting immune responses, in controlling the cancer microenvironment and as potential disease biomarkers. Although Prof. Claytons’ main focus is in cancer biology, he collaborates broadly with researchers in Cardiff including those in the schools of dentistry, engineering and optometry, and interact with other universities, on aspects including cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases and other conditions that impact our society in significant ways.


    Selected publications

    G van Niel, DRF Carter, A Clayton, DW Lambert, G Raposo, P Vader. 2021. Challenges and directions in studying cell–cell communication by extracellular vesicles. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 23 (5), 369-382

    U Erdbrügger, CJ Blijdorp, IV Bijnsdorp, FE Borràs, D Burger, B Bussolati, … 2021. Urinary extracellular vesicles: A position paper by the Urine Task Force of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles. Journal of extracellular vesicles 10 (7), e12093

    A Clayton, E Boilard, EI Buzas, L Cheng, JM Falcón-Perez, C Gardiner, … 2019. Considerations towards a roadmap for collection, handling and storage of blood extracellular vesicles. Journal of extracellular vesicles 8 (1), 1647027


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