Frontiers of Science: Prof. João F. Mano

    October 31st at 12:00
    On-site event
    in Presidentti auditorium, BioCity

    Prof. João F. Mano, University of Aveiro, Portugal
    Compartmentalizing cells in 3D microenvironments to engineer human tissues
    Host: Chunlin Xu (

    Coffee and sandwich at 11:45, first come first served!


    Six PhD researchers and early-career postdocs are welcome to have a lunch and discuss with Prof. Mano after the seminar. This is a great possibility to learn hosting skills in friendly environment and create connections for future. Everyone is welcome to join, BioCity Turku will offer the lunch.

    If you got interested, please send an email to


    João F. Mano is a vice-director at CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, where he is directing the COMPASS Research Group, founded in April 2016. His research focuses on the application of advanced biomaterials and cells to advance multidisciplinary concepts in the field of regenerative and personalized medicine. Specifically, he utilizes biomimetic and nano/micro-technology approaches to develop polymer-based biomaterials and surfaces for the creation of biomedical devices with enhanced structural and multi-functional properties. He also engineers microenvironments to regulate cell behavior and organization, with the goal of clinically applying these technologies in advanced therapies and drug screening, or in the bioengineering of disease models.


    Selected publications

    R.C. Gonçalves, S. Vilabril, C.M.S.S. Neves, M.G. Freire, J.A.P. Coutinho, M.B. Oliveira, J.F. Mano – All-aqueous freeform fabrication of perfusable self-standing soft compartments. Advanced Materials, 34(31), 2200352 (2022)

    Zargarzadeh, A.S. Silva, C. Nunes, M.A. Coimbra, C.A. Custódio, J.F. Mano – Self-glucose feeding hydrogels by enzyme empowered degradation for 3D cell culture. Materials Horizons, 9(2), 694-707 (2022)

    M.M. Maciel, T.R. Correia, V.M. Gaspar, J.M.M. Rodrigues, I.S. Choi, J.F. Mano – Partial coated stem cells with bioinspired silica as new generation of cellular hybrid materials. Advanced Functional Materials, 31(29), 2009619 (2021)

    A.S. Silva, L.F. Santos, M.C. Mendes, J.F. Mano – Multi-layer pre-vascularized magnetic cell sheets for bone regeneration. Biomaterials 231, 1196648 (2020)


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