Laura Elo and TCB on the pages of Tekniikan maailma

    Laura Elo’s research presented on the pages of Tekniikan maailma (The World of Technology).

    The research at our Centre gets lots of visibility. However, there are certain types of journals that we have difficulties reaching into, although they could provide positive visibility. One of these journals is clearly Tekniikan maailma (literally translated The World of Technology). To the best of our knowledge this journal for hard-core car and gadget enthusiasts has never published a word about TCB. However, now this shortcoming has been corrected, as Laura’s research was featured in article in the last July issue of the journal (No. 14/2018; text by Saga Wiklund, photo Hanna Oksanen/UTU Media Bank).

    We got special permission from the journal to publish a free link to the article (in Finnish)

    The beginning of article states “Better and more efficient cures through modeling – The aim of computational medicine is to improve diagnosis, prediction, and cures of complicated diseases” (the rest we hope that you can figure out with Google translate). Warm congratulations to Laura and her team for reaching over this rather rare treshold and for the other recent successes!