Laura Elo Receives the Rising Talent Award of the For Women in Science Programme

    Research Director Laura Elo from Turku Centre for Biotechnology receives the international Rising Talent Award of the For Women in Science programme granted by the L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO. The recognition is awarded to 15 most promising women researchers from all over the world. The recognition is awarded on Thursday, 14 March in Paris.

    Laura Elo is a researcher in computational biomedicine with a background in applied mathematics. She is a research director in bioinformatics and the leader of the computational biomedicine research group at Turku Centre for Biotechnology.

    – This is a great recognition of my work and the research we have conducted. I want to emphasise that, although the award is directed at me, I don’t conduct the research alone but have a motivated research team behind me and good partners in co-operation, says Elo.
    In 2018, Elo received a national grant from L’Oréal Finland and UNESCO as a recognition for her scientific work.

    – Laura Elo is a merited and versatile woman scientist. The goal of Elo’s research is to develop mathematical modelling methods which can be used in defining individual’s health risks from the extensive data of longitudinal follow-up studies and in planning individualised treatments, stated Academician Irma Thesleff, the chair of the Finnish jury of the For Women in Science, at the 2018 grant ceremony in Finland.

    This year, the L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO have announced the laureates of the International Awards For Women in Science honouring outstanding women scientists for the 21st time. Five women scientists from five continents are awarded a €100,000 grant at a ceremony held in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on 14 March 2019. In addition, 15 most promising women researchers from around the world are awarded at the event.


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