Mikael Knip of the University of Helsinki is conferred as a Turku University Honorary Doctor in medicine

    Mikael Knip of the University of Helsinki is conferred as a Turku University honorary doctor in medicine for his merits in the research of type 1 diabetes. Knip is one of the most long-standing, active and productive collaborators of the Faculty of Medicine. He is a founder, group leader and member of the steering committee of the world-famous DIPP follow-up study.

    During his career as a researcher Mikael Knip has worked in three Finnish universities with medical faculties and in one foreign university. In addition, he has collaborated with scientists in the medical faculties in the two remaining domestic universities.

    • Scientific collaboration starts from a common interest to solve open issues. It should also be dynamic and open and build on mutual trust. Based on my experience I can reveal that the most rewarding and enjoyable collaborations I have had are with researchers from the University of Turku. I hope that our collaborations will continue and grow, so that we will find the keys to solve the puzzle of type 1 diabetes some day, says Mikael.

    The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. The Faculty celebrates its doctors and honorary doctors by organising a traditional two-day ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees startint on Thursday, 25 May at 9:15 with the honorary doctors´ Studia Generalia lectures at the Alhopuro lecture Hall in the Medisiina D building, Kiinamyllynkatu 10, Turku.