Professor Klaus Elenius selected to the Academy of Finland Board

    We are proud to announce that one of our group leaders Professor Klaus Elenius was appointed to the new board of Academy of Finland. It is an important position and we are happy be represented.

    The Board of the Academy of Finland decides on the general policies and objectives of the Academy based on the objectives negotiated with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. The Board brings together the work of the research councils, the Strategic Research Council and the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee. It also promotes the fields of each research council, as well as the fields operating between two or more councils.

    The Board allocates appropriations between the research councils and the FIRI Committee for different purposes. It decides the plans for the Academy’s activities and finances, the draft budget and the performance agreement. It also approves the financial statements and the annual report.

    In addition to a chair, the Board has at least five and at most seven members who represent extensive and excellent scientific expertise.

    The Board is appointed by the Finnish Government for a three-year term. [Source Academy of Finland]


    The press release of Academy of Finland

    The press release of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture [in Finnish]