MD and associate professor Sami Ventelä receives a grant of 300,000€ from the Jane and Aatos Erkko foundation

    The goal of Sami Ventelä’s research is to develop novel biomarker-based methods for early detection of cancer aggressiveness and for cancer treatment stratification.

    – This is a great recognition for our research consortium. With the help of this proof-of-concept funding, we are able to test and develop the functionality of our methods in identifying the cancer aggressiveness and drug sensitivity in prospective setting. Moreover, we are now able to study the functionality of our findings in cancer treatment stratification. With this funding, we are also able to hire a dissertation worker or a postdoctoral researcher for the project in 2023. Our goal is nothing more and nothing less than to find new methods for us in the hospital, to improve the treatment guidance and life expectancy of head and neck cancer patients, says Sami.