Study on PFAS and fatty liver disease – women more affected than men

    According to the study led by Professor Matej Orešič and Professor Tuulia Hyötyläinen, women are more affected than men when they are exposed to PFAs.  A study from Örebro University shows how PFAS affect metabolism and lead to liver damage, so-called fatty liver disease.

    “Exposure to environmental chemicals such as PFAS can exacerbate certain diseases and increase the risk of diabetes,” says Matej Orešič.

    PFAS have consequently been identified as a cause of fatty liver disease. However, there is a knowledge gap in how these chemicals impact liver metabolism, which in turn is linked to the disease.

    “We are able to show that PFAS cause changes in bile acids and we can demonstrate the link between bile acids and lipid and glucose metabolism. Our findings, therefore, provide an explanation for the underlying mechanism of already identified factors for the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease,” says Tuulia Hyötyläinen.

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