The Academy of Finland Flagship Programme InFLAMES awarded group leader positions to Pia Rantakari and Tapio Lönnberg

    The InFLAMES (Innovation Ecosystem Based on the Immune System) Flagship is one of the ten extensive research projects funded by the Academy of Finland. The InFLAMES Flagship of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University has nominated five new group leaders. Two of five positions were awarded to Turku Bioscience group leaders Pia Rantakari and Tapio Lönnberg.

    Pia Rantakari is an Academy Research Fellow and a group leader at Turku Bioscience and Institute of Biomedicine at the University of Turku. Her research focuses on understanding the origin-related functions of tissue-resident macrophages. The final goal is to gain molecular-level knowledge of macrophages that can be used to improve macrophage targeted immunological therapies.

    -I am delighted to receive this position, which gives long-term certainty to our research and allows us to work in an outstanding scientific environment, says Pia Rantakari.

    Tapio Lönnberg received his PhD from University of Turku and carried out his postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Sarah Teichmann at EMBL-EBI and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. After returning to Finland he has held an Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellowship and served as the head of single cell genomics core facility at Turku Bioscience. His research focuses on understanding cell state transitions in the adaptive immune system using single-cell omics approaches.

    -I am really excited about the opportunities offered by the InFLAMES Flagship and I am looking forward to pursuing research as part of it, says Tapio Lönnberg.