The Academy of Finland Flagship Programme InFLAMES awarded group leader positions to Tapio Lönnberg and Matej Orešič


    The Academy of Finland Flagship Programme, Innovation Ecosystem Based on the Immune System, InFLAMES awarded fixed-term group leader positions to Dr. Tapio Lönnberg and Professor Matej Orešič.

    Tapio Lönnberg is the head of single-cell genomics unit at the Turku Bioscience Centre and actively develops the single-cell immunoprofiling platform. His research funded by the Academy of Finland aims at gaining deeper understanding of determination of cell identity and regulatory state transitions in the immune system using single cell analyses.

    Matej Orešič is a Group Leader of Systems Medicine team at Turku Bioscience Centre and  Professor of Medical Sciences with Specialization in Systems Medicine at Örebro University, Sweden. In the InFLAMES program he focuses in understanding interactions of metabolic and immune system factors in progression to immune-medicated diseases such as type 1 diabetes as well as modulating T cell differentiation.  His research is funded through multiple external grants.