The Academy of Finland funding to Michael Courtney and Hongbo Zhang

    Michael Courtney from Turku Bioscience received funding of 497 881 euros from The Academy of Finland. His research topic is “Temporally-encoded intracellular signalling and its impact on single cell integration into synaptically active neuronal circuits”.

    Hongbo Zhang from Åbo Akademi and affiliated Group leader at Turku Bioscience received funding of 474 144 euros. His research topic is “Delivery of Entire Bioactive Mitochondria with Metal Organic Framework for Cancer Research and Therapy”.

    The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment grants project funding for internationally high-quality scientific research, which seeks scientific breakthroughs and conducts research cooperation with the best international research groups. The Research Council spends approximately 38 million euros to fund academy projects. About 17 percent of all project applications received funding.