University of Turku has awarded Title of Docent to Dr. Ubaid Ullah Kalim

    The University of Turku (Department of Life Technologies) has awarded the Title of Docent (Adjunct Professor) in molecular cell biology to Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Ubaid Ullah Kalim.

    After PhD in 2012 from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in the field of Immunology he has carried out  postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Riitta Lahesmaa in Turku Bioscience Centre. His research focuses on epigenetic regulation of T cell activation and differentiation and molecular mechanisms of autoimmune disorders

    -Over 90% disease associated SNPs lie in the noncoding regulatory region. Understanding the functional impact of the noncoding genome in health and disease may hold potential for novel therapies against human diseases, says Ubaid.