Postdoc Board Members

Mathilde Mathieu

Postdoctoral Researcher

mathilde.mathieu [at]

Giulia Sultana

Doctoral Candidate

+358466565957 giulia.sultana [at]


  • PhD in Cell Biology (ongoing)
  • Trainee in Anatomical Pathology
  • Trainee in Translational Medicine
  • Master of Science in Biomedical Applications
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology

Research interests

  • Cytoskeleton signaling
  • ECM remodeling
  • Cell migration in cancer and wound healing
  • Imaging

Iman Farahani

Doctoral Candidate

iman.i.farahani [at]

Freddy Suarez-Rodriguez

Doctoral Candidate

Jenny Pessa

Doctoral Candidate

Christel Sourander

Doctoral Researcher, Neuroscience

+358 (0)29 450 3784 christel.c.sourander [at]
In my PhD project, I am studying how loss of cellular homeostasis may lead to behavioral changes at the level of the whole organism.

Jasmin Kaivola

Doctoral Candidate

jasmin.e.kaivola [at]

Rahul Biradar

Doctoral Researcher

+358 (0)29 450 3768 rahul.biradar [at]

Megan Chastney

Postdoctoral Researcher

megan.chastney [at]