Group Leader

    Riitta Lahesmaa, Academy Professor
    Director, Turku Bioscience (leave of absence until Dec 31, 2020)
    riitta.lahesmaa [at]

    Contact Information

    Molecular Systems Immunology Group
    Turku Bioscience
    P.O. Box 123, BioCity
    (Street adr. Tykistökatu 6 A, 7th floor)
    FIN-20521 Turku, Finland
    +358-40-718 4813 (Mobile)

    Recent news
    Making it to the top by studying the regulation of the immune system

    Researchers Discovered New Immune Response Regulators

    Group Members

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    Key Collaborations

    Elo Laura, Turku Centre for Biotechnology
    Galande Sanjeev, National Centre for Cell Science, NCCS, Pune, India
    Knip Mikael, University of Helsinki
    Lähdesmäki Harri, Turku Centre for Biotechnology and Aalto University
    Toppari Jorma, University of Turku
    Weissman Irving, Stanford University
    Wijmenga Cisca, University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands


    The Academy of Finland, The Sigrid Jusélius Foundation, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), EU Horizon 2020, Business Finland, The Finnish Cancer Organizations, The Diabetes Foundation (Diabetessäätiö), University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS), University of Turku.