Open Access Instruments Available for Use

    Finnish Functional Genomics Centre maintains a panel of instruments, which can be accessed and used independently after user training. To request training contact

    MiSeq (Illumina)

    For targeted or small genome Next-Generation Sequencing.

    Pyromark Q24 (Qiagen)

    For quantitative analysis of genetic or epigenetic modifications.

    QuantStudio 12K Flex (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

    For Real-Time PCR in 96-well or 384-well format.

    Bioruptor Pico (Diagenode)

    For nucleic acid fragmentation.

    Nanodrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

    For nucleic acid quantitation and QC.

    Qubit (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

    For nucleic acid quantitation.

    Other instruments

    In addition to open access instruments, FFGC maintains and provides services with instruments operated by our staff. These include:

    NovaSeq 6000 (Illumina)

    For high-throughput Next-Generation Sequencing.

    Fragment Analyzer (Advanced Analytical Techologies)

    For high-throughput nucleic acid QC and other applications.

    2100 Bioanalyzer (Agilent)

    For nucleic acid QC.

    Agilent Bravo NGS

    For automated library preparation.