NGS Project Request Form

    The following form is used to collect background information required for initiation of a new next generation sequencing project and provide you with the related pricing information. Alternatively, you can contact us by email: FFGC(at)

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us through this form even at a very early stage of your project planning, since we also provide free experimental design consultation. Planning your experiment together with our experienced specialists will ensure the optimal use of resources and high quality of results in your study. We are happy to help if you have questions related to for example sample setup, sample requirements, selection of the appropriate sample preparation method, sequencing approach  (multiplexing, needed numbers of reads, etc.), schedule, pricing and so on.

    Also, please give us some estimate of the planned sample amount, even if very preliminary, since this helps us in providing the price estimates.

    We hope the following resources in our web pages help you in designing your experiment. After the form has been submitted, we will contact you shortly.

    Next Generation Sequencing form