How to get Access to Resources

    Project request-based access (group level)

    Access to CIC resources will be not be granted to individual users, but to projects. Group admin makes a project request

    If you are going to do a new project that is not in the system, register it by filling a project form.

    -In Open IRIS, choose Services.

    -Click “Submit project request” on the relevant service

    -Fill the form and submit the request

    Once you have submitted the form, CIC staff will review it. For ongoing projects, the acceptance is automatic. Once it has been accepted, the project registration is complete and the project will be granted access for resources.

    Access to resources (individual level)

    In Open IRIS, go to Services

    Open a training request form (flow cytometry or microscopy)

    Fill the form. If you had a training to the instrument already, choose old user. Then, the training will be marked Closed, and you will get access to the instrument. CIC personnel will contact new users.

    Submit the request