Getting Started

    1. Project request

    For new projects, please fill a Project Request Form, or contact more informally via email. A meeting will be set up to plan the experiments. In most cases, an expert advice helps proper and efficient design of experiments. During this meeting also the need for training and assistance is discussed.

    2. Conducting the project

    You can use some of the instruments by yourself or also choose the full service option.

    2.a Own use of the instruments

    Training is necessary to have access to the instruments. You can request for a training session by e-mail. Working with older larvae (>5dpf) or adult zebrafish requires official personal qualification.

    2.b Full service

    Project agreement form needs to be completed. At the end of the project, a report is provided, and a meeting is organized to discuss results.

    3. Customer feedback

    At the end of the project, let us know your opinion about our services by filling the feedback form. This is important, as we wish continuously improve our services.

    4. Please acknowledge the core on your publications