Ongoing projects

    Recently started projects (2022-)

    Druggability of mechanisms in rare diseases associated with Ras signalling pathways

    • EURAS – European Network for Developmental Rasopathies (consortium website)
    • Identifying targetable defects of SynGAP1 missense variants (Courtney MJ & Li L-L)

    Signalling dynamics and encoding

    • Temporally-encoded intracellular signalling and its impact on single cell integration into synaptically active neuronal circuits

    Synapse biology

    • The synaptic life cycle regulated by disease mechanisms (Li L-L)

    Earlier projects

    Organisation of Signalling Pathways and Roles in Disorders of the Nervous System

    • NOS1AP/CAPON: mechanisms of action on NMDA receptor signalling through nNOS (review)
    • NOS1AP/CAPON : contribution to diseases and disorders (hypoxia-ischaemia, neuropathic pain, schizophrenia, neurodegenerative disorders)

    Optogenetic and Optopharmacological tools and techniques for precise control of cell signalling pathways

    Development and Application of High-Content Analysis and High-Throughput Microscopy tools and methods

    • An automated single-cell biology pipeline for analysis of signalling circuit dynamics in interconnected cell networks
    • RNAi-based identification of RasGEFs counteracting neuronal SynGAP1 function
    • Workshops: check back later for the next workshop (last workshop was 19-20 June 2017)
    • Provision of high-throughput microscopy and liquid handling infrastructure and services for biological research, chemical biology and early-stage drug discovery (Screening unit)