Chromium Controller (10x Genomics)

    The 10x Genomics Chromium Controller enables capturing tens of thousands of single cells in nanodroplet partitions in a single run. The mRNA from the partitioned single cells is barcoded and converted into highly multiplexed sequencing libraries compatible with Illumina sequencers.
    The instrument can also be used in preparing sequencing libraries from high molecular weight DNA fragments (linked-read sequencing).


    Our instrument is Helios, a 3rd generation CyTOF system, which has 135 detection channels.
    The CIC gives support in panel design, panel assembly, stainings and data analysis. Data acquisition is performed by CIC personnel.
    A recent review of the technology: Stern et al., 2018.

    For further information, please contact masscytometry (at)


    viSNE map of murine splenocytes defines populations of distinct immune cells.