Helios CyTOF

    Mass cytometry is a powerful technology for single-cell analysis. Although initially designed for immune cell studies, it is currently used e.g. in studies on homogenized organs and tumours. In contrast to the fluorescent labels in flow cytometry, mass cytometry uses rare heavy metal isotope tags to identify up to 45 markers. As the isotopes are practically non-overlapping, the platform allows clear label separation and possibility of truly high-dimensional analysis.

    Our instrument is Helios, a 3rd generation CyTOF system, which has 135 detection channels.
    The CIC gives support in panel design, panel assembly, stainings and data analysis. Data acquisition is performed by CIC personnel.
    A review of the technology: Stern et al., 2018.

    A recent article citing CIC Helios: Jäppinen et al., 2019

    For further information, please contact masscytometry [at] bioscience.fi

    viSNE map of murine splenocytes defines populations of distinct immune cells.

    Reservation System: Fluidigm Helios mass cytometer

    Location: BioCity, 5th floor, room 5126