We have three levels of pricing for analytical services:

    • Turku Campus
    • Other universities and non-profit organisations
    • Companies

    A Price list for small sample sets (<30 samples) with standard protein analyses is available here.
    Please notice that prices don’t include VAT.
    For customized services and collaboration please contact us first. Collaborative projects are often run if there are mutual benefits.

    Pricing Guidelines

    For protein identification by MS:
    If you choose the option that doesn’t include any preparation (cheapest option), you have to submit your sample ready for analysis, i.e. samples will be analyzed as received.
    Protein analysis by LC-ESI-MS/MS includes up to a one (1) hour of instrument time and a wash between samples. If you have complex samples there will be an extra charge for additional instrument time.
    Consultation, a database search and a results report are included in all our services.