Crystallization instrumentation

    Crystallization screens

    Several crystallization screens are available for establishing initial crystallization conditions. Each screen contains 96 different conditions. Contact person: Tassos Papageorgiou

    Crystallization hotel and crystal imager

    Automated imaging system to easily monitor crystallizations through a user-defined inspection schedule. The system includes the web-based Icebear Drop Viewer software. Contact person: Tassos Papageorgiou

    LCP kit for membrane protein crystallization

    Syringes and plates for setting-up crystallizations of membrane proteins. Contact person: Tassos Papageorgiou


    Incubators at different temperatures (4, 16, 20 ºC) are available for the storage of crystallization plates. Contact person: Tassos Papageorgiou

    Protein crystallization robot

    Set-up of sitting drops, micro-batch under oil, microseeding, and optimisation of crystallization conditions. Contact person: Tassos Papageorgiou