Education and Training


    The Facility provides full training in crystallization techniques and preliminary characterization of crystals.  People who wish to learn crystallography and crystal structure determination techniques are welcome.


    The core participates in teaching courses throughout the year and gives lab tours and demonstrations to groups, schools, and individuals.

    Mini workshop on AI protein structure predictions (March 5th, 2024)

    Sequence for the practical session can be downloaded from here

    Predicted protein model (domain 2) can be downloaded from here

    Self Teaching

    Introduction to Crystallography

    Learn about Software

    Reading Materials

    • X-ray crystallography and structural biology, by M. B. Yaffe link
    • From atoms to proteins, by A. Schmidt and V.S. Lamzin link
    • Turning protein crystallisation from an art into science, by N. E. Chayen link
    • Macromolecular cryocrystallography, by J.W. Pflugrath link
    • How to evaluate crystal structure papers, by J.M. Berger link
    • How to read (and understand) Volume A of International Tables for Crystallography: an introduction for nonspecialists link


    The following books are available in pdf format from the Turku University Library [Link]

    • Crystallography made crystal clear, by Gale Rhodes  (Elsevier books, ScienceDirect)
    • Practical Crystallography, by Duncan McRee (Elsevier books, ScienceDirect)
    • Macromolecular Crystallography, by Mark R. Sanderson and Jane V. Skelly (Oxford Scholarship online)
    • International Tables for Crystallography Volume F: Crystallography of biological macromolecules (Springerlink)

    Other Links