X-ray crystallography instrumentation

    MicroMax-007 HF X-ray generator

    A microfocus high flux rotating anode that provides a 70 mm circular focal spot, maximum power of 1.2 kW and low-maintenance requirement.
    Contact person : Tassos Papageorgiou

    VariMax mirrors

    The VariMax mirrors dramatically increase the flux of the X-ray beam enabling in-house data collection from challenging crystals.
    Contact person : Tassos Papageorgiou

    Hybrid photon counting (HPC) X-ray area detector

    Part of the X-ray equipment for shutterless recording of X-ray diffraction data.
    Contact person : Tassos Papageorgiou


    Oxford Cryosystem

    To allow in-house data collection at cryogenic temperatures (100K) and the testing for cryoprotectants
    Contact person : Tassos Papageorgiou


    Crystallography equipment for crystal transport to synchrotrons

    Cryocrystallography equipment to freeze, mount and transfer crystals to synchrotrons.
    Dewars and pucks for cryogenic crystal shipping to synchrotrons. UNIPUCKS and SPINE pucks available.
    Contact person : Tassos Papageorgiou

    Linux PC workstation for data collection and assessment of the diffraction

    A number of Linux workstations that run the latest versions of all main crystallographic and molecular graphics software. Installation of new software to suit the demands of users is provided.
    Contact person : Tassos Papageorgiou


    In-situ diffraction

    Crystal testing, characterization, and data collection directly from the crystallization plate.

    Contact person: Tassos Papageorgiou