Protein Structure Determination

    Flow Chart

    1. Crystallization of the Protein

    • Crystallization screening of new proteins to establish initial conditions for crystal growth.
    • Optimization of the crystallization conditions to obtain protein crystals suitable for structural analysis.

    2. Characterization of the Crystals

    • Diffraction limits
    • Solvent content
    • Space group
    • Unit cell dimensions

    3. Structure Determination

    • Full X-Ray data collection
    • Phasing
    • Refinement
    • Visualization of the structure
    • Structure analysis
    • High-quality figures of protein structures for use in seminars and courses.

    Service Features

    The whole process of structure determination can be provided as a full service, or can be conducted by the customer, with an access to the instruments (after a training) and the software for the analysis.

    Prior Step: Protein Purification

    Our core provides full support and consultation for the protein purification strategy. You can find some answers to your questions in the document here.