Getting Started

    To get any service from the Screening unit, please follow the instructions below.

    The instruments can be available in open access, after a training session.

    1. Project Request

    • Fill in the Service request form
    • Initial meeting: Our experienced staff will arrange a meeting with you where the sample preparation and experimental details can be addressed. This will allow a determination of the cost and schedule estimates for your project. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for planning your experiments well in advance.

    2. Conducting the Project

    You can choose the full service option or use some of the instruments by yourself.

    2.a Full Service

    • Sample shipment : according to agreement established during the project meeting
    • At the end of the project, a report is provided, and a meeting is organized

    2.b Independent use of the Instruments

    Training is necessary to have access to the instruments. We are currently working to have the following instruments bookable for direct use after a training session. Note that we will not be able to make available all instruments for direct access to all users due to integrations and setup issues. Please contact us for details.

    Instruments bookable via OpenIris:

    • BD 855 High_Content Analyser (3 separate devices)
    • Perkin Elmer Operetta
    • Multidrop Combi (2 devices – blue and green)
    • BMG Clairostar PLUS plate reader
    • Biomek NXP 96/384 pipetting robot
    • EDC Biosystems ATS100 acoustic dispenser
    • Agilent Plate Sealer with Nitrogen Purger

    As of 2024/3, the Wellwash Versa is not yet on OpenIris [contact us for booking]

    3. Customer Feedback

    At the end of the project, please let us know your opinion about our services by filling the feedback form.