A number of libraries are now available for use at the screening unit. Please contact use to discuss your needs.

    Chemical Libraries

    Libraries available on-site include:

    • The bioascent 12k small molecule library
      12000 compound representation of the diversity of a 125k commercial library for subsequent cherry-picking
    • The Microsource Discovery Spectrum small molecule library
      • 1600 approved drugs
      • >700 bioactive and natural compounds
    • Several smaller thematic collections in the range of ~500 and smaller numbers of similar compounds
    • A large fragment library ~10000 compounds is currently being selected for purchase and should be available soon

    Genetic Screen Libraries

    A number of smaller collections for murine RNAi and human RNAi approaches and pooled murine genome-wide Crispr approaches are also held.

    Probe and Reporter Libraries in Gene Transfer Vectors

    The unit develops and holds an expanding panel of AAV preps for multiplexed use in high-throughput fluorescence microscopy,  to allow parallel monitoring of cell signalling events and morphological changes, as well as optogenetic or RNAi-knockdown based actuation. New probes can be rapidly assembled and prepared or newly designed according to the needs of users.