The instruments of the screening unit are listed below. Libraries resources are also hosted by the screening unit.

    Pathway855 High-Content Analyser

    Our customised Pathway855 High-Content Analyzer (Beckton Dickinson) is used for live-cell/small model organism HCA and HTM. On-stage pipetting or parallel optogenetic manipulation are available, while excitation light is now provided by high-power camera-synchronised LEDs centred at 405nm, 445nm and 450-700nm. Image data is processed by automated scripts, which are under continuous development to meet new needs that arise.
    The microscope can be used with other instruments :

    • Integrated live-cell incubator (capacity 42 plates, Thermo Scientific Cytomat 2C-LIN)
    • Integrated ambient Twister stacks (capacity 120 plates/tip racks x 2)
    • Cooled stack (capacity 40 plates)
    • Cooled plate holder
    • Barcode Reader
    • Polarstar Plate reader (BMG) option
    • Biomek NXP96/384 pipetting robot (Beckman Coulter) option
    • Cell Plate Washer option (Thermo Fisher Wellwash Versa)
    • Reagent Dispenser option (Thermo Fisher Multidrop)
    • 3-gas mixer

    Operetta Confocal HCS Instrument (Perkin Elmer)

    A compact spinning disc confocal microscope, particularly designed for rapid analyses of fixed and live cell applications in microtiter plates. Operetta has a live cell chamber that maintains environmental conditions (temperature, CO2), and provides a spectrum of kinetic capabilities for time course experiments and observation of cellular dynamics. The included Harmony High Content Imaging and Analysis Software allows quantitative evaluation of morphometric image data and automated image analyses.

    Location: Medisiina D, 5th floor

    Contact person:Jesse Mattson

    Incucyte (Essen Bioscience)

    Acoustic Non-Contact Dispenser (EDC Biosystems)

    This device is used to dispense reagents for assays, for full library screens, library cherry-picking and combination synergy approaches

    Location: Biocity somewhere soon

    Contact person: Jesse Mattson

    Additional Reagent Dispenser (Thermo Fisher Multidrop)

    These are used in automated pipelines to add reagents for specific assay steps


    Contact person: Jesse Mattson

    Plate Washer (Thermo)

    These are used in automated pipelines to change medium on cells and plates for specific assay steps.

    Location: Biocity somewhere soon

    Contact person: Jesse Mattson

    Additional Plate Washer (Tecan)

    This device is used for oncology service provision

    Location: Medisiina D

    Contact person: Malin Åkerfelt

    Plate Reader (Perkin Elmer Envision)

    Spinning-Disk Confocal Microscope (3i)

    Zeiss Axiovert-200M microscope with Yokogawa CSU22 spinning disc confocal unit

    Motorized inverted widefield fluorescence microscope ideal for live-cell imaging applications.

    Small stage incubator for temperature control. Nipkow disk technology with microlenses, and Yokogawa CSU unit, especially useful tool for high speed, live cell imaging.

    Location: Medisiina D, 5th floor

    Contact person: Malin Åkerfelt

    Scanning Confocal Microscope (Biorad Radiance)

    Functioning laser scanning confocal with GAsP and other detectors and bleaching functions

    Location: Biocity

    Contact person: Michael Courtney

    Multi-Point Wide-Field Fast Imaging Microscope (Custom)

    This instrument is used for facility QC and for integration to automated pipelines.

    Location: Biocity
    Contact person: Michael Courtney