Getting started

    1. Sample information

    Please, contact Genome Editing Core to first have a consultation session on your project. You will be given the required paperwork during these sessions.

    Required information include:

    • Contact persons for the project
    • Cell lines in question and what modifications they are to go through
    • Any expected consequences of the genetic modification to cell viability or phenotype
    • Any expected consequences of the genetic modification to biosafety level of the edited cells
    • Preferred analysis method to confirm the success of genetic modification (performed by customer)
    • Detailed culture protocols for cells of interest
    • Information about methods previously successfully used

    2. Conducting the project

    Genome Editing Core staff will perform the following parts of your project:

    • Design gRNA and repair template (knock-in) sequences
    • Perform Cas9 RNP nucleofection to cells of interest in order to introduce gene edit
    • Analyze the efficiency of the gene editing at DNA and protein level in bulk cell population

    We expect the customer to:

    • Supply us with culture medium and supplements required for cell culture (of other than vector producer cells)
    • Perform the analysis (often by Western blot or qRT-PCR), though core staff will perform the lysis

    3. Customer feedback

    Your feedback is important to us as we are improving and expanding our services. Please fill in the feedback form.

    4. Submit your publication

    Keeping track of how we have enabled your imagination helps us expand our services in the right direction. Please fill in the form to have your study displayed on pages.